It’s Something That Resides Within All of Us

It’s important to answer the question, “Is this something that we can all do?”, and the answer is “Yes”.

Listening to the body, paying attention to what’s going on, is something that we each have within us.  It may be that some of us have developed or practiced it more, that’s all, but it resides within all of us, and we can all develop it to its fullest levels.

Sometimes, people don’t believe that things are ‘open to them’, or ‘for them’, or they believe that they’re not good enough, or not blessed, or so forth, and so it’s very important to establish that this is not the case.  Everyone is capable of this.

It’s actually a natural, fundamental basic of good health.  We all know when we are really hungry, or tired – so all we are doing is consciously making use of the full breadth of that source of information, beyond and in addition to those two very simple examples.

When I was first introduced to the concept of listening to the body, I too was unsure as to whether it was something that everyone had the capacity for, and as per the transcript below, taken from our Strength for Life CD which we recorded in 2002, David explained that it is indeed something we all have within us. 

JB: “You said a moment ago that you pay attention to your body…  what specifically do you do…  are you aware of muscle tensions, or dehydration levels…  can you tell us…  because I don’t really understand that level of knowledge of the body and intuition with it.”

DH: “I think you sell yourself short, because I think this resides in all of us.  It’s this question of listening to your inner self in a way, and that’s not being mystical.”

So we can all embrace this concept of listening to the body, safe in the knowledge that we all, each, have the capacity for it.