The Other Muscles – Individually and as a Whole

What is the current state of affairs with our muscles in any given moment? How do they feel in the now, right now? What are they telling us? What signals and responses are they reporting?

Are our muscles relaxed, or tense? In need of rest? In need of exercise? In need of stretching or a workout? Do they tell us that they are degenerating under the strain of poor nutrition and fuelling? Or do they report that they are getting everything that they want from our food and drink intakes in order to be in a state of strength and efficiency everyday?

As a result of listening to our body, we may vary our exercises if we feel a particular muscle needs a bit more recovery time, or if it needs a longer rest to recover from a niggle or injury.

And this even extends to the bladder muscles. Most certainly it does. If you give your body what it asks for in order to support the strength of your bladder muscles and function, then that also has a very significant and possibly even profound positive impact upon your quality of life!

And how do our muscles feel they are working together as a whole? Is everything working together in unison, like a well-oiled machine? Or are one or more muscles out of synch? Do they feel out of synch? It is a well-known and commonly understood fact in anatomy and physiology that what is happening in one part of the body can affect another part, and indeed all other parts.