Structure and Posture: Bones, Joints and Movement

In this area of listening to the body we may ask ourselves if we are getting enough structural support in the way of massages, good posture, posture strengthening exercises, etc..

We also notice if our joints are supple, strong and comfortable. Do we need to change what we are eating to improve this – and if we do, do we actually notice an effect of improvement, or are we kidding ourselves? Do we perhaps need to try something else, and perhaps seek out a more expert source of advice or information?

What is our posture like, at work, at play? Does our body suggest to us that we are not giving our body the right support, structurally, and mechanically, in terms of the things we are doing on a regular basis – and how we are doing them? Can we listen to our bodies in order to avoid the future possibility of repetitive strain or structural disalignment or damage? How do we sit on the train, at home, at work, in the car? Is our neck, and spine, going to be unhappy with this in time?

What is the balanace of our ‘bone bank’? Is the combination of our diet and our exercise supporting and maintaining our bone strength? Can we maintain the strength of our bones through regular, weight bearing exercise and a nutritious diet?

When we run, walk, or otherwise exercise or engage in any kind of physical activity, from aerobics to carrying the shopping back from the shops, we can listen to the body and what it is informing us off, as we notice if it is fluent and supple or not, and whether it is comfortable, or not. How are the joints, the movements, the motions… the ‘gear changes’; the smooth manouvers – or ‘crunches’ – from one motion to another?