Hunger, Thirst and Digestion

We state listening to hunger and thirst as a basic that everyone can relate to when we introduce the notion of listening to the body, and actually there is much more that we can be paying attention to…

What are we hungry for? Carbohydrate for energy? Fibre to help us feel a little more healthy? Water-rich foods to feel vibrant? Perhaps we sense we need to get some oils in our diet. Or a little good quality protein to uphold the muscles.

And then what about quantities? Are we sensing that we’d feel better for eating a little, but more often? When we are thirsty, do we drink gently in sips or gulps to replenish liquid levels sensibly, or try and force an entire pint of water down quickly, but less effectively or less comfortably?

With digestion, also, do we start eating one meal before we have finished digesting the previous one, or just as soon as we have, or do we leave a gap between digesting one meal and starting the next? If we don’t leave a gap, have we even forgotten what it feels like to simply be living or going about our daily life, without actually being mid-way through a digestion process? Listening to the body is an opinion-neutral philosophy; so we don’t say “leaving a gap is best”, we say “notice what you are doing, whatever it is, and what outcomes, responses and results do you get from that?”.

What about the order in which we eat the foods in front of us? Do some foods feel better – and digest better – in a particular order, and are unpleasant the other way around? What about mixing liquids with foods? And then putting the two observations together to make a third, what about the order of liquids with foods – what does your body tell you about that? The more you respond to your body’s requirements, needs and requests – in all events of all kinds – the nicer the experiences you will have.