Energy and Fitness Levels

Listening to the body with regard to energy and fitness levels…

Are we giving our body all the exercise it requires and is asking for in order to maximise its full potential for physical fitness?

We may wish to pay attention to whether we have sufficient energy for an activity, or whether it is best postponed for another day. Is this because we are genuinely responding to the body’s needs to rest, or are we short-changing ourselves?

By remaining aware of how much energy we have, we can effectively manage our flow of activity and rest, and if we feel the call for it, add further exercise to develop those areas of under-developed capacity for fitness.

And again, we may pay attention to what effect our food and drink has on the quality of our energy. If we eat sugary foods, for example, or a caffeine-based drink, that may give us an initial high – do we then feel much less energised after the feeling wears off?

Is the energy that we have a natural, effortless, strong and robust form of energy that is healthy, and that the body tells us is good for us, and is sustainable, or is it artificially stimulated, temporary and uncontrolled and uncontrollable?