Breathing, Pulse Rate and Calmness Levels

What is happening with our breathing? Is it shallow, or deep? Is it from the stomach, or from the diaphragm? And is this all the time, or just some of the time? (Maybe this is in response to certain occasions or stimuli). Is it only very occasionally shallow and weak, or is this becoming, or has become, a common occurrence?

The same with the pulse rate – is it calm or turbulent? Are we doing – or thinking – something that is stressing us? In which case, why aren’t we stopping doing that thing? What thing, belief or attachment of our sense of self can be worth jeopardising our health for?

And what of our consciousness levels? When we eat, are we eating consciously, or is our consciousness ‘absent’ when we eat, as we put food down our throats without really thinking about it or noticing what we are doing and how it is affecting us, or whether it is needed – or even wanted? In activity and daily living, are we acting consciously?

Are we overall a relaxed person, or have we put our sense of self and inner calmness outside of ourselves?