Spread The Word

1. Talk To People

If you would like to help spread the word, the first thing that you can do is to simply talk to people about the principles of listening to the body, and, hopefully, the results and better feelings and experiences that you have got through doing so.

2. Share the Web Address

There is also a dedicated web address for this website for The Body Wisdom Campaign and Culture, which is www.bodywisdomcampaign.org.

3. Email These Pages To A Friend Or Friends

You will notice that at the bottom of each of the pages of this website, and indeed across the Whole Life Whole World group of websites, there are bars of social networking and feature links under the heading ‘Share and Enjoy:’.

By clicking on the second link icon, an automatic new email containing the web address of the page you are on will be opened, and you can email the article or page to your friends and contacts by forwarding that.  You can try it now if you would like!

4. Be a Living Example of The Wisdom

One of the greatest and most effective ways you can promote the culture of listening to the body is by being an example of the benefits of body wisdom in action.  Read on…