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Continued from The 1-2-3 of Health.

So, once we realise the situation that our health is in, requiring us to tame the needs of the mind and integrate them with the needs of the body, a logical conclusion is to undertake some form of Personal Practice so as to achieve that level of self-control.

Integral Life Practice is the fastest practice you can do to heal and transform, which is the key to taming the mind in order to achieve full health.

An Integral approach to Life Practice of Mind, Body, Spirit and Shadow is the fastest practice you can do to heal and transform, which is the key to taming the mind in order to achieve full health.

You will find that once you have engaged in the approach of listening to your body for a while, and then realise the significance of The 1-2-3 of Health, in which we realise that there is a difference between the needs of the body and the needs of the mind, you will realise that our biggest challenge is actually getting ourselves to tame the mind so as to respond appropriately to the signals of the body – and, as it happens, actually enjoy your food, drink, body, emotions and movement MORE.

“ILP is the fastest practice you can do to achieve this change.”

The most effective of these which we can recommend is an integral form of practice, such as Integral Life Practice, and it is for this reason, amongst others, that we have already considered support for such things as one of the most important that we can provide and focus on, and, in association with our colleague, Gary Hawke, a Core Integral Level One qualified pionner of ILP and Founder of The London Integral Life Practice, we have developed a series of support websites and other resources, which are also in support of the handbook manual, ‘Integral Life Practice‘, and it’s creators, Integral Institute in The U.S., and its authors, Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard and Marco Morelli.

You Are Invited to Make Good Use of Our Personal Practice Support Websites!

So please do make the best use you can of our support resource websites – that is what they are there for!

The four main areas of Mind, Body, Spirit and Shadow, are listed below, and these are also all co-ordinated and organised through one dedicated Practice Homepage at


Synergistic Benefits: Integral Life Practice Incorporates Mind, Body, Spirit and Shadow

Your decisions about what to eat or drink, whether to exercise or not, and whether you feel relaxed or stressed and so on, are largely determined by your emotions.

Your emotions are largely determined by your sense of self.  And so this is why achieving full health runs parallel with the achievement of this stage of deeper self-awareness at which one can integrate the needs of the body and the needs of the mind, and with the healing and re-establishing of one’s own truths.

Integral Practice is probably the fastest practice that we can do to heal and transform because the benefits of it’s various element are synergistic; they work synergistically, each supporting the others.

By doing Shadow Practice, for example, you can heal those areas of your subconscious – that are also all trapped in your physical body’s nervous system – and free up that conscious energy for more positive life uses.

And by doing Spiritual Practice (most typically meditation) you can take a perspective on the mind that allows you to tame, calm and integrate it.  The deeper sense of self that comes with this, which can be thought of as ‘Ego-aware’, also provides a basis of strength that can actually allow a person to even be able to face any ’scary’ or uncomfortable emotions or Shadow elements.

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