Neil Stanley and I Agree About The Body Wisdom Principle

There was a real sense that The Body Wisdom Campaign was set to pick up pace yesterday, as I discussed with my friend, the UK Sleep Expert, Dr Neil Stanley, the Body Wisdom principle of personal responsibility, common sense, and listening to the body.

Body Rhythm

The awareness of rhythm and paying attention is something that is also prevalent in Neil’s work of sleep health, and, amongst other things we discussed, there was a sense of determination and a recognition of common purpose to get the message out there, and bring the voice of the campaign to life, as we undertook also to share support for his campaign of work, too, which is to get the importance of sleep on the agenda of the nation’s consciousness and culture, and we shall see what we can do together in promoting both of these complementary and mutually supportive ideals.

Sleep is now regarded as a human right by the European Courts, and I was staggered to hear that despite studies showing the increased risk of certain forms of cancer from lack of sleep or poor quality sleep, the media has still not as yet picked up on the importance of sleep as an element of health – something we both wish to change.

If you wish, you can hear an excerpt from our Good Sleep Presentation below.  This is the clip in which I first noticed the similarity between Neil’s message, and David Heard’s message of listening to the body.

Best wishes,

James Blacker

Excerpt from The Good Sleep Presentation

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