Michael Owen Demonstrates His Own Understanding of Body Wisdom

I was pleased recently to read a quote from English footballer (soccer player), Michael Owen, as he talked of his own understanding of body wisdom, and how to respond most effectively to the signals he gets.

One point I’m often keen to make is that learning to listen to one’s body, and improving that art, is actually one way that can allow and help us to be stronger and healthier throughout life, rather than weaker.

It gives us an edge, and an extra insight which we can put to good use.

It also highlights another point – that we can avoid injury, or greater or more prolonged injury by learning to respond more quickly to what is going on with us and our bodies.

“I’ve always done extra bits and the type of player I’ve been – a quick player – means you’re always prone to muscle niggles. So I’ll continue to do work off the pitch that hopefully limits the danger [of picking up injuries].

“Also, as you get older you learn more about your body. In the last Champions League game at home [against Wolfsburg] I came off before it was too late. If I’d carried on I might have done another sprint and pulled my groin and been out for a month.” – Michael Owen

Bear in mind also that Owen is actually only 28 years old, so he speaks like an experienced veteran, but really is a very young man in life terms and actual physical longevity.  So I take from that a great sign that there’s no reason whatsoever that we can’t develop our body wisdom / listening to the body understanding at any age, and have a wise head from very early on in life – it will certainly be rewarding and worth it.

And we are not (just) interested in it here for our purposes for football or sport, we are interested in it from a point of view of being fit for life – strong to do the task, whatever it may be.  Or should that be whenever?!

Happy listening.

Best wishes,

James Blacker